3 Trampoline Technology


When hit, a golf face acts as a trampoline or spring, which is one reason why the USGA refers to how hot a face can be as its "Spring Effect and Dynamic Properties" rule.

As a matter of physics, the highest trampoline effect of an oval shaped golf face has always occurred in the the center of the face, which is why the center of the face is where all major brands clubs' sweet spot exists.

Major brands have used “variable thickness technology” for decades in an effort to reduce the loss of distance of their trampoline face when the ball is hit outside the center of the face. This technology has the thickest part of the face in center of the face, and then progressively thinner in an effort to reduce the significant loss of distance when the ball strikes outside the center face where the trampoline effect is significantly lower.

Although the major brands have referred to their technology by different names, they all have two things in common. None of their brands
have taken advantage of the new USGA Rule which permits a higher trampoline effect outside the center of the face for more distance so amateurs continue to lose significant distance when they hit outside the center of their faces.

Knuth Golf invented the novel idea of creating three, largely independent but connected "trampolines" with novel relative change in thicknesses. As a result of its invention, for the first time the trampoline effect or values were higher in the areas outside the center of face compared to the center of the face as permitted by the new USGA Rule.

By doing so, we were able to
create trampoline values outside the center of the face that are higher than the maximum values the USGA permits in the center of the face, and those increased trampoline values add ball speed for more distance when the club face is hit outside the center of the face than possible under the old USGA Rule.

As a result, with
HIGH HEAT 257+ drivers, fairway woods and hybrids amateur golfers now for the first time can obtain the same distance across the entire face for more greens in regulation for lower scores.