When co-founder Dean Knuth invented the USGA Course and Slope Rating Systems, he learned amateurs would reduce their scores the most with increased greens in regulation ("GIRs"). But to accomplish this goal required clubs designed for them instead of Tour pros and such clubs had to be far more forgiving than any of the major brands. He decided to design such clubs.

That is why:

  • Our original High Heat driver’s center of gravity was 25% deeper and 18% lower than any of the major brands for greater forgiveness resulting in more fairways, distance, and GIRs;

  • Our Optimal Center of Gravity Technology was named the “best of any new technology of any club” because you “do not need a physics degree to know how much this will help amateur golfers compared to the major brands,” wrote Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated;

  • Our original metal woods with titanium faces also provided much more forgiveness for more GIRs and lower scores compared to any of the major brands which used steel faces. Steel has very little trampoline effect on off-center hits resulting in a significant loss of distance and far fewer GIRs;

  • Our original driver and metal woods were named every year the “best” by multiple media, and our customers raved about landing in more fairways, more distance, more GIRs and lower scores;

  • Our original technology was engineered into our High Heat 257+ drivers and metal woods which are now even much better for amateurs than major brands. That's because they are the only clubs with a higher trampoline effect outside the center of the face. This much higher trampoline effect is permitted by a 2016 USGA Equipment Rule Change which provides amateurs the ultimate forgiveness for the same distance across the face for increased driving and metal woods distances for far more GIRs. The result is much lower scores; and

  • Our novel 3-Trampoline Face Technology which provides this increased trampoline effect for the ultimate forgiveness was called “the most significant new technology since the introduction of titanium faces almost 25 years ago,” by Tony Leodora of NBC Sports TV and ESPN radio. Read how we accomplished what others thought was impossible.

We invite you to read the media, teaching pros and customer rave reviews and review the proof that High Heat 257+ provides low to high handicap amateurs the same distance across the face for many more GIRs and lower scores.

For added distance, more greens in regulation and lower scores.

Here’s Proof High Heat 257+ Provides Ultimate Forgiveness Amateurs Need For More Distance And Lower Scores:

  • A media’s independent launch monitor test showed that "High Heat 257+ drivers had the same average distance on off-center and center hits." See driver test results.

  • A media’s independent launch monitor test showed "High Heat 257+ metal woods had the same average distance on off-center and center hits; and all 257+ off-center approach shots landed on a regulation size green just like all center hits." See metal wood test results. Now compare the results from a recent study of 6 million amateur approach shots with major brand clubs and you will know why you will significantly increase your greens in regulation for lower scores.

  • Compare High Heat 257+'s increased trampoline values permitted by the new USGA Rule for the ultimate in forgiveness to major brands' low trampoline values outside the center of the face. Then you will understand why our customers are landing their metal wood approach shots for many more greens for lower scores and so can you with High Heat 257+ metal woods in your bag.

  • A video which explains the new 2016 USGA Rule and includes media, teaching pros and amateur golfers’ reviews stating 257+ provided them the same distance across the face.

  • Media and PGA and LPGA teacher reviews confirm High Heat 257+ provides the same distance across the face, and improved performance for amateur golfers. See sample reviews below.

  • Industry experts are noticing too as Dean was named the industry’s “Top Innovator of Golf Clubs” by Golf, Inc. Magazine and High Heat 257+ clubs received the ING Product Ingenuity Award for Emerging Companies for being the first and only brand to take advantage of the 2016 Rule for more distance and lower scores. The honor was bestowed at the 2019 PGA Show by International Network of Golf (“ING”), a 350 media and industry member non-profit organization.

  • Most importantly, customer reviews rave about how they obtain the same distance across the 257+ driver and metal wood faces for more greens and lower scores. See sample reviews below.

Our Guarantee: because we know our novel face technology works for all amateurs, we guarantee our clubs will markedly improve your overall total distance and greens in regulation for lower scores in 30 days, or you can send them back for a full price refund.

For added distance, more greens in regulation and lower scores.

Media And Teaching Pros Confirm
High Heat 257+ Delivers As Advertised

"My biggest discovery at the PGA Show was High Heat 257+ with its dazzling novel 3 Trampoline Technology that has more ball speed in the toe and heel areas than the sweet spot in the center of the face as permitted by the USGA 2016 Rule. The ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face.”

—Gary Van Sickle, President of Golf Writers Association of America, Morning Read

"HIGH HEAT 257+ changes the distance game with its unique construction across the face and its results are exhilarating. So, instead of playing with clubs with historically much lower trampoline effect outside the center of the face, amateurs should buy High Heat."

—Vic Williams, Editor Golf Tips Magazine

"Based our review of all new clubs we recommend the driver and metal woods you should buy is High Heat's 257+ which is the only brand to take advantage of a USGA Rule for significant distance increase on off-center hits where many of us make contact.”

—James Frank, Editor LINKS Magazine

"With its amazing 3-Trampoline Technology, High Heat is the only brand to take advantage of the new USGA Rule and continues to be the leading brand in properly addressing the hitting needs of the amateur golfer. "

—Tony Leodora, NBC Sports TV, ESPN Radio

"High Heat 257+ has the best technology you can buy for better scoring, because it is the only brand that takes advantage of the new USGA Rule which permits a greater trampoline effect for a hotter face beyond the center of the club face for more distance and forgiveness."

—Mike Billingsley Golf Life TV, Fox Sports

"For the past 3 years, I have always said High Heat’s driver and metal woods designed for amateur golfers have the “hottest face” in golf. With its 3-Trampoline Technology Knuth Golf has blown me away with a clubface even HOTTER so amateurs will get virtually the same distance no matter where the ball strikes the clubface!"

—Tim Branco, Publisher N.E. Golf Magazine and GolfGearWeekly.com

“Its new 3-Trampoline Technology is the 'the great equalizer' as it substantially reduces distance amateurs lose on off-center hits for complete forgiveness across the face. What should you do to hit it further —buy the High Heat 257+ driver and metal woods.”

—John Glozek, Jr., Publisher Golfing Magazine

"Amateurs on average hit outside the center of the face 50% of the time. High Heat 257+ new face technology made the 'best' clubs for amateur golfers even better."

—Kay McMahon, LPGA Hall of Fame Teacher of the Year

"Hitting on the toe, heel or center of the face of the High Heat 257+ driver felt great and the distance was same for every shot. You can't miss. Amazing."

—Jason Krier, PGA Teaching Pro, PA

"With 257+ golfers’ confidence will go up because they will be able to hit on the toe or heel and still get the consistency of hitting it on the center of the face."

—Kristopher Hertzsk, PGA Teaching Pro, TN

"High Heat 257+ is fantastic. My off center misses have been phenomenal. Hitting it has been inspirational. Great clubs you can't miss hit."

—Allen Van Valkenburg, PGA Pro TX

"When hitting High Heat's 257+ clubs, my distance is awesome and the same in the toe and heel as it is in the center of the face. Amazing."

—Sue Kaffenburgh, New England PGA and Northeast LPGA Teacher of the Year

For added distance, more greens in regulation and lower scores.

Customers Like You Are Obtaining The Same
Distance Across The Face For Lower Scores.


“With your new driver, I have had best rounds of golf in years! My drives are consistently straight, and l have gained 10-20 yards on most drives, and am not losing distance on off center shots. .Paired with your 3 wood I shot a round today 11 strokes better than my average from the past 4 rounds! ”

— Ronald Smith, IL

“Your High Heat driver performs as advertised. I not only increased my distance on center hits and off center hits, but my off center hits go as far as my center hits. In a word, this driver is amazing.”

— Ken Engel, MI

“I love your new driver and three wood because I’m 72,had a handicap index of 6.1 when for the first time shot under my age (69). I have added 20 yards to my average driving distance for more greens and 3 birdies and your 3 wood is the first one I could get up so high on a consistent basis for more distance and more greens in regulation that led to 2 more birdies.”

— Paul Bliss, FL

Fairway Woods

“These clubs are remarkable! I am a 14 handicapper and shot a 73 because of your driver, 3, 5 and 7 woods. I hit the ball accurately and further than ever with 20-30 yards longer with your fairway woods with the same distance across the face. The word that describes your clubs is WOW!!!!!!!!!!”

— Dr. Thomas McDowell, Canada (emphasis original).

“I am 73 years old with a 4 handicap. Your 3 wood is amazing. Hitting any 3 wood off the ground has been a long standing weakness but I am hitting the 3 wood so long and accurate and the 5 wood has been just as remarkable. Those two clubs in my bag were the difference makers in setting our course for our 70 and older golfers. I had my personal best score of 66!!! ”

— David Outwin, MI

“ Love your 5 wood. It performs exactly like you said it would. I am getting the same distance no matter where I hit it on the face for more greens and lower scores.”

— Gene Salay, MN


“My High Heat driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrid are my favorite clubs and the 3 hybrid is my go to club. I get the same distance across the face. I love love love them!! !”

— Barbara Gutstadt, NC

" I love my new #6 hybrid. I am amazed how great it is Never hit a bad shot and the distance is exactly what I want.'”

— Jerry Santens, FL

“Your 3 hybrid is the best club I have ever had in my 50 years of golf.”

— James Gannon, WI

For added distance, more greens in regulation and lower scores.

Club Designer Dean Knuth, A Lifetime Inventor and Inventor of the USGA Course and Slope Rating Systems, Was Named “Top Innovator Of Golf Clubs” By Golf, Inc. Magazine

In 2015, together with my co-founder Steve Trattner who shares my passion to design clubs for amateur golfers, we launched our first High Heat driver with a much deeper and lower center of gravity than major brands which provided increased accuracy and distance compared to major brands. The next year we produced our metal woods with titanium faces instead of the industry standard steel faces for increased accuracy and distance too.

These differences, as intended, provided amateur golfers more greens in regulation and lower scores and were named the “best” by numerous media and teaching pros. See sample reviews.

And we remain the only brand to take advantage of what the 2016 USGA Rule permits, namely a sweet spot across the entire face for more distance where amateur golfers need it most for more greens in regulation. We knew that this was the greatest opportunity imaginable for us to help amateurs achieve much lower scores, which was all the motivation we needed to invent the 3-Trampoline Face Technology.

I guarantee you will reduce your score and have more fun if you put High Heat 257+ clubs in your bag.

Dean L. Knuth