“The High Heat 257+ is the only brand that has a higher trampoline effect outside of the center of the face, which is legal under USGA Rules. The result? You now have a sweet spot across the entire clubface for more distance, more greens in regulation and lower scores – all without any change to your swing.”

— Swing U 2019 Honor Roll

“I previously wrote that High Heat’s original driver was better than all major brands’ drivers for amateur golfers in every way except for marketing and its metal woods with titanium faces were better than all major brands too. Now the new High Heat 257+ clubs have a higher trampoline effect permitted by a new USGA Rule and based on my testing I obtained more distance on off-center hits, so they are even longer and straighter that helps amateur golfers. What also sets Knuth Golf apart from all other brands is its President Dean Knuth’s commitment to develop technology that provides benefits for amateur golfers.”

— John Rizzi, Editor Colorado Avid Golfer

“Its new 3-Trampoline Technology is the ‘the great equalizer’ as it substantially reduces distance amateurs lose on off-center hits for complete forgiveness across the face. What should you do to hit it further —buy the High Heat 257+ driver and metal woods.”

— John Glozek, Jr., Publisher Golfing Magazine

“High Heat 257+ is fantastic. My off center misses have been phenomenal. Hitting it has been inspirational. Great clubs you can’t miss hit.”

— Allen Van Valkenburg, PGA Pro TX

“When hitting High Heat’s 257+ clubs, my distance is awesome and the same in the toe and heel as it is in the center of the face. Amazing.”

— Sue Kaffenburgh, New England PGA and Northeast LPGA Teacher of the Year