High Heat 257+ TGS

High Heat 257+ TGS







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High Heat 257+ TGS builds on the award winning High Heat 257+ hybrids as being the easiest to get up high in the air and with titanium faces instead of industry standard steel faces longer and more forgiving for more greens in regulation. These hybrids provide significant increase in distance in the large toe and heel areas based on High Heat's 257+ 3 trampoline technology that increases the trampoline effect permitted by the change to the USGA's 2016 Rule in the toe and heel areas for even more distance on toe and heel hits and more greens in regulation and lower scores. It builds on the High Heat 257+ 2009 "Best" hybrids  with its Turf Glider Sole technology that does not allow the hybrids  to dig so no fat shots. In addition, it overcomes other  swing flaws so that there is significantly reduced loss of distance when hitting in the rough, in a divot or out of a fairway divot. Called "magical" by Golf Tips Magazine and made the Best hybrid of 2019 even better.